A dream


The sun is shining bright
but the earth is cold and chilling
like your dark and frozen heart
when I revealed my feelings.

A heart you so well hide
and no matter what I say
I couldn’t get inside
I couldn’t find the way.

But hope is unrelenting
and I will never cease to dream
for our story’s happy ending
under a shining moonbeam


A dream of some other distant land
where you and me will be together.
And I will hold your pretty hand
and nothing else will matter.

And I will give you all that you desire.
Your wish being mine as well.
And together we’ll aspire
so that nothing brakes the spell.


I dream of giving you a present.
A gift I hope you find somewhere.
Even if you receive it from some peasant
if he’s your chosen pair.

I dream of how I take your hand
and in mine I hold a key of light.
And under its command
I melt your freezing heart

I just hope you understand
what true love is and how it feels.
And in your own impossible dreamland
you see that time can never heal.

/Martin, 2010/

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